Let your Well Being expand! 

I provide my expertise as a Shamanic and energy healer, Psychic Medium, Vibrational Sound Therapist, Oracle card and Akashic record reader, Intuitive painter, and ordained minister to help make your journey into Well Being the most loving, peaceful and Divinely connected it can be. 


Let’s get started together! 

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The Magic of Healing with Divine

Healing with Divine seems like magic to me because, with every client I work with, Divine makes it clear that:

Everything is Possible!

Come and cross the bridge, connect with Divine and let go of your burdens, pain and fear. Replace all with love, peace, empowerment and guidance from Divine.

Intuitive Shamanic and Energy Healing

Do you want to feel healthy? Peaceful? Really happy?

Free from unhappy burdens and events and the weight of loss? 

Would you like to meet your guardian angels and spirit guides? 

Have you ever wanted to find out about your life path and feel happy and empowered to explore and discover the joys walking with Divine can give you?

Everything is possible!

Messages From Divine

Are there those you have lost along the way and would like to connect with through Divine?

Do you have questions about where to go from here? Are you wondering about a career change, moving, or finances?

Wondering what your life path is and how to start living it?

Receive guidance, wisdom and healing from Divine through the connections created by oracle card and tarot readings, the Akashic Records and mediumship.

Free Diagnostic Call

Contact me for your free 15 minute diagnostic call. We will discuss what you are seeking.

Receive Divine guidance about healing path options to help you start really living the life you came here to live.

Your life filled with love, blessings and peace.

Love is the Key

No matter what has happened in your life

No matter what you have going on now you are worthy of unconditional love, healing and guidance from Divine.

Receiving from Divine is always filled with love, gentleness and a deep sense of Peace.

Meditations and Music

Would you like to get to know yourself better? Are you seeking a simple way to create connection to Divine and to your own intuition and inner knowing?

Use a guided meditation or music track to enhance your communication with Divine and with yourself. Welcome the peace and happiness that can be yours.

Courses: On-line and in person

Let your adventure begin!

Learn the skills and techniques that can connect you deeply with your own heart, spirit and with Divine. Start living from your heart and be amazed at what you can create!

More info coming soon.

Intuitive Paintings

I love that everyone sees different things in every painting and receives their own personal messages and even healing.

What will your experience be?

I hope you allow it to be heart opening and expansive.


You Are Worthy

Worthy of feeling Good!

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What MY CLIENTS say 

Margie has journeyed for me twice. I have found her guidance helpful and transformative.

One session in particular was very direct and told really deep truths about what was best for me. I have had a complex life and her guidance and ability to help me connect with spirit has been extremely helpful.

I look forward to future opportunities to seek her guidance. I think she’s helped me to find peace in the day to day whilst I work on lining up the next steps of my life. I would recommend any shamanic service she offers. 

Elle Fitz

Working with Margie really expanded my awareness of personal guides and opened me to a more effective way of working with them.

Her technique is very gentle and respectful, and she created a really safe space for me to explore and process.

Since working with her, I have been able to receive much clearer guidance about my business and this has helped me be more productive and increase my income.

Karen D. Crane

Owner of Marketing Magic and Karen Crane Jewelry Designs

Since the ceremony, I have noticed more peacefulness in my heart about my health in general and about returning to work. Several ideas have come to me about how to approach my job, and I feel more energy and optimism.

I especially loved the follow up support by email and a link to the guided meditation Blessing Pool Ceremony.

I believe that Margaret has a spiritual gift, and I was affected deeply by our ceremony. I feel those who seek connection with Spirit will benefit from journeying with Margaret. It has been a blessing to me.

Sunny Johnson

Music Teacher

Meet Your Guide

Margaret Z. Taylor

Margaret Z. Taylor

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy and Sound Healer, Oracle Card and Akashic Record Reader, Intuitive Painter

I love utilizing a combination mediumship (channeling Divine) and energy healing techniques to help clients allow and receive the healing and guidance from Divine they are seeking.  My extensive training and experience in Shamanic healing techniques, Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy make it easy for me to utilize an energy healing modality that best meets the needs of individuals, couples and groups.

Oracle cards and Akashic records provide interesting and unique ways to learn what messages Divine has for you. Learn more about your life path and and important things you need to know to create what you are seeking. I love the beautiful images and the uplifting yet direct messages I receive from oracle cards and the Akashic records.

Divine works in such miraculous ways! I have always thought it amazing and such a blessing that clients don’t have to tell me what happened to them – they don’t have to re-live events in order to receive healing from Divine that is always loving and peaceful.

I have always enjoyed encouraging and helping others to find ways to follow their dreams. I look forward to helping you create yours!

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