About Margaret Z. Taylor

Psychic medium, intuitive energy and sound healer, oracle card and akashic record reader and intuitive painter promoting health and healing all over this beautiful planet

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I love utilizing a combination mediumship (channeling divine) and energy healing techniques to help clients allow and receive the healing and guidance from divine they are seeking. My extensive training and experience in shamanic healing techniques, reiki, crystal reiki and vibrational sound therapy make it easy for me to utilize an energy healing modality that best meets the needs of individuals, couples and groups.

Oracle cards and akashic records provide interesting and unique ways to learn what messages divine has for you. Learn more about your life path and and important things you need to know to create what you are seeking. I love the beautiful images and the uplifting yet direct messages I receive from oracle cards and the akashic records.

Divine works in such miraculous ways! I have always thought it amazing and such a blessing that clients don’t have to tell me what happened to them—they don’t have to re-live events in order to receive healing from divine that is always loving and peaceful.

I have always enjoyed encouraging and helping others to find ways to follow their dreams. I look forward to helping you create yours!

My training

My spiritual journey took a turn when I made a life changing decision a few years ago, after which a friend invited me to take a tarot course with her. That was fun and interesting and led to a course to enhance my intuition and psychic gifts. From there I stumbled onto a beginning class in shamanism. I loved it! I have taken beginning through advanced courses in shamanic practices from different instructors, learning more and different techniques for physical, spiritual and heart healing, divination and empowerment.

I have studied other energy healing techniques including reiki (I am now a reiki master), quantum touch, reconnective energy and meditation. I have also taken courses in animal communication, art therapy, oracle cards, akashic records and working with angels. I love learning! 


My name

My name is Margaret Z Taylor. I never used to go by that name at all. I thought it was too sophisticated for someone who loves tie-dye! 🙂 I went by my nickname, Margie (and still do).

But somehow with all of the changes that have been going on in my life, Margaret began to resonate with me—so now I use both names—not to make things complicated or anything!

I’m really glad Margaret is my “official” name. I was named after my dad’s mom, a beautiful lady who has been sharing some of her secrets with me lately, along with some of the other beautiful ladies in my life. Thank you all!

Sunbeams projecting upward from a dark cloud

Making changes

I’ve been through a lot over the years. Not nearly as much as others—maybe more than some.

This photo and Mt. Denali himself has been speaking to me ever since I was blessed to have a perfect family vacation to Alaska years ago.

Spirit gave me the courage to make major changes in my life. Spirit has given me the courage and the friendships and the guidance I needed to keep going deeper into my spiritual connections to the divine and with all of the guides, guardian angels and helping spirits of light and love. Thank you for blessing me so much! Please, keep blessing me more.

Our townhouse

After getting married to my dear friend, we bought a townhouse—something we were not going to do—until Spirit intervened. Our new home has a beautiful shade garden. This was the reason we were brought here—to give me yet another blessing—the incredible gift of working and communicating with and learning from all of the lovely nature spirits.

The trees and flowers and rocks and plants, the hummingbirds, wrens, ants and bees. And the hidden folk! So many beautiful spirits! Sharing their love and laughter and wisdom. Patiently teaching me and forgiving me my misunderstandings (and my singing I hope—I can’t resist singing along with Shania Twain!)

One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had was a two-day visit from Luna. She graced our deck door and gave me a new spirit guide and an even deeper connection and faith in the divine. And she strengthened my hope and my conviction that we can and are changing planet Earth for the better every day through all of the little and big things we do to positively impact the lives of everyone around us, including ourselves.