Ceremony After-Care

You have taken the courageous step of saying to divine spirit “Please help me!” You have asked for guidance and maybe even healing and you have received it! Please make sure you do everything you can to integrate and manifest what you are wanting to create in your life!

Ceremonies, even when the intention is for information and guidance, can lead to healing from divine spirit to help you manifest what you are looking for. This healing can create amazing feelings of euphoria and peacefulness.  If you ego tries to return to the previous status quo, you may also experience mood swings or other feelings that are different from the norm.

Ceremony after care is very important to help you fully integrate any healing received. Good after-care habits can help you also manifest what you are looking for by helping you maintain and strengthen your connection to divine spirit. This can help you to connect more fully to your intuition and allow you to receive ongoing support and guidance.

Review and take to heart the integration techniques described in the Integration Techniques blog post.

Even more important:  Use the blessing pool