• I chose the title Gateways to Wisdom because there are many fun ways to connect to your own intuition and also to the wisdom of the Universe. Just a few of the topics include:
    *Healing from Loss
    *Energy healing
    *Spirit guides
    *The Ancestors
    *Heart healing
    *Empowering your dreams
    *The healing power of gratitude

In this episode we’re talking about spirit guides and the fun ways they can make your life easier, help you connect to your intuition, receive healing, and start being lighter and happier.

  • Have you met your Spirit guide? Your guardian angel?
  • Want to know how your Spirit Guides and Angels can help you all the time?
  • They love you and will help you with everything. Yes, I even get cooking advice from my guides.

Listen to the replay and enjoy the guided meditation to receive healing and meet and ask your guides what you need help with. I would love to find out who your spirit guide is.

  • Be sure to let me know what topics you are interested in!

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