August 2016 New Moon Intentions from my dear friend Ann:
The August New Moon is in the astrological sign of Leo.  It blesses us with its presence at 3:44 p.m., CDT, this Tuesday, August 2nd.  At our meeting on Wednesday we were given a reminder that our Intentions for each New Moon and Full Moon are ongoing, that it is important to bear them in our minds, our hearts and our actions each and every day.  It was also stressed to us that timing matters.
Time is accelerating, and for most of us, this makes our busy schedules seem even busier, yet because a portal opens at the exact time of these lunation phases, those moments are the optimum time to do the Intention work.  Our Earth Mother, and all of the Life that she supports, will benefit.  Whenever you are able to be in Ceremony or Meditation at the exact minute, please do so;  however, it is perfectly understandable that circumstances may not always allow.  Just manage as best you can.  Whatever you do will be helpful, and it is always appreciated.
All of us are keenly aware of the turbulence that continues to grip much of our World at this time.  It is palpable.  Humans and non-humans, alike, are experiencing fear, pain, displacement, and a deep sense of uncertainty, just to name a few.  The Guides brought this to our attention.  Simultaneously, they cautioned that we must keep our perspective.  “The Earth”, they said, “is birthing new life and direction and the sleeping giants are awakening.
We need to breathe through the waves and contractions.  Listen to the song and the vibrations of the giant crystals which are coming into union and reunion.  We have to join together in that song and help cleanse the waters of the Earth for this new arrival — the new humans which are emerging.”  “Clear Water reflects clear Skies”, they stated.
They spoke of “Quantum, as in physics”, how whatever each one of us does, individually and/or collectively, gets magnified, no matter how small we may think the action (or thought) is.  They stressed the importance of continuing to work to usher in the “New Dawn”, of maintaining “trust, faith, and belief in the changes that need to occur, belief in the co-creation we are doing right now”, and to remember to bring in laughter and healing “as a balm to counteract the negative energies.”
Tomorrow, please join with me in Ceremony.  Light your candle and set your Sacred Space.  If possible, allow a few moments to ground yourself, and settle into your Heart.  Sing, rattle, drum, dance, shake, chant, raise your energy in whatever way feels good.   As always, invite and acknowledge the Compassionate Helping Spirits.  Ask any and all to be with you, the more the merrier.  Acknowledge the Directions — East, South, West, North, the Skies and Heavens above, the Earth below, and the Spirit within.  The Hidden Folk love a good Ceremony, so be sure to invite them, too.  Ask for the presence and assistance of the Animals, Angels, Ancestors, Crystals, Plants, Trees, Ascended Masters, Otherworldly Compassionate Helpers, the Archangels, the Holy Ancient Ones, any and all Spirit Beings that you feel or know wish for the highest good to befall our beautiful Planet.
azalea-1294743_1920Begin to think about our Intention for this New Moon, this time of planting new seeds and new beginnings.  Set this Intention that no matter what, we all keep our perspective, that we all remember to just Breathe — as our Earth and all who inhabit her continue this re-birthing process.  Ask that we all “Sing the songs” to help facilitate our Planet’s incredible transformation, bathing our precious Home in Love, Healing, and Laughter, blessing our Earth Mother.  Allow for all that we are intending to flow throughout your Being, feeling the Beauty and Magnificence of what is yet to come, what we are co-creating with so many others — our New World.  Then, when you are ready, just let it all go.  Send our Intention on its way, and visualize it rippling everywhere, as if you are lovingly gazing upon our Earth while you hold her in front of you, cradling her between your hands.  See waves of the highest frequency and vibration travelling in, through and around our Planet, where just as in Quantum Physics, even the “smallest quantity of radiant energy” can reach the tiniest space, the tiniest Being, the tiniest Organism.
Leo is a Fire sign whose planetary ruler is the Sun, so this New Moon is backed by an abundance of energy.   Among Leo’s characteristics are creativity, fun, leadership, and motivation.  This bodes well for fueling our Intention.  Even when there are current events upon our Earthly Home that threaten to cast shadows of doubt and uncertainty, remember:  We are on track.  Weare moving forward.  There is no going back.  The Guides affirmed this when they shared:  “Hold fast to hope — there is such great Joy to come.”
Peace and Blessings to All,