Fear is a really funny thing. There’s all the obvious things like fear of heights and fear of spiders and the events in the world that create fear from the outside in.


The kind of fears that are so much harder to find and recognize are the ones that are on the inside. The ones that we might not even know about and yet still are having a profound effect on our choices. This includes whether or not we choose to change directions, step out of our comfort zone, and even ask for help.

hands-956652_1920Refusing to to allow help from others can be rationalized as maintaining a strong independent “I can do this myself” attitude. And that kind of attitude and approach to life is really good and healthy in the appropriate circumstances. Sometimes though, allowing others to help you find and let go of that fear that’s holding you back is the bravest most courageous and most “I’m declaring my Independence” kind of action that you could possibly take.


So for those determined to maintain your Independence while at the same time continuing to do the same things over and over again remember two things:

Number 1: The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again hoping for a different result. Take an honest look at what you’ve done so far in this lifetime and if the definition of insanity is a pretty good description of where you are at today in trying to follow your heart, then you are stuck! Step number 2 can help you get unstuck.


Number 2: Go deep inside and ask yourself: Are the Dreams I’ve been chasing all this time really what my Heart and Spirit want? Will manifesting them give me deep Joy? Be Honest with Yourself!

If your heart says YES! I want my Dreams fulfilled! And you have to say Yes — I’ve been living the definition of insanity when it comes to making my Dreams real, then Now is the time to make a New decision!

Painting by Susanne Szipl

KNOW that this time the most courageous thing you could ever do is to ask for help to let go of fear so that you can truly change your life and manifest your Dreams.
So my hope for you as you look inside is that you take Now the most courageous step you’ve ever taken!  Release your fears, heal your heart and move on to live in Joy!
Blessings to you and yours,