It’s funny how ideas come to me randomly, unexpectedly and inspired by — sometimes I have no idea. This particular idea came to me through the wonderful experience of having a Luna moth hang on the screen door to my home.


She hung there on my screen door for 2 days before she disappeared. During that time she blessed me with so many wonderful gifts and ideas. This Blessing Ceremony is one of them.

The Significance of the Luna Moth

Luna moths are associated with our connection to the Feminine, our inner Spirit, to our trust in ourselves.  She was a reminder to me that ultimately what matters most is our healing and the love and gratitude we give others and ourselves.  


Who Are the Blessings in Your Life

I have always been blessed with wonderful people in my life. People who inspire me and teach me. People who are patient and uplifting and wise. People who are courageous and work hard and are willing to share their knowledge, their creativity, their love and their grace with me and with everybody around them.


Because of them I am blessed to be where I’m at today. I’ve been inspired to send blessings to them in gratitude for all of the sacrifices they make and the gifts of themselves they give to their families, to their friends, to their loved ones.

Bless the Women in Your Life

So, think about all of the amazing women in your life: the girls, the women, the grandmothers, the aunts, the school friends, all of those wonderful personalities of all ages who have blessed you in some way. Women who taught you things maybe that you didn’t want to learn. They taught you anyway and you are blessed because of that.


How to Bless the Women in Your Life

Send each of them love and gratitude. Think about all of the the happy times the laughter, even the sad or difficult times,  the random compliment from a stranger that made you smile. Even though you don’t know the name of that person, you can still send them gratitude and love. So please, send out the love and gratitude to all those wonderful spirits who have blessed your life in ways maybe you’ve never even realized before.


Bless the Women Everywhere

And now, please, think about all of those wonderful women in far away lands who may not ever get to hear the recording or see this blessing to them through the written word. Think about all of them and send them love and gratitude for everything that they are doing every day for their families and their friends.  Bless them for all of the love and courage that they are gifting to the world.  Give them thanks for that and send them blessings as well.


Bless Yourself, Too

Be sure to bless yourself!  Because as much as all of those other people deserve to be blessed, you do too!  

Thank you for your love, for your gratitude, for your blessings! I know that your actions have made this world a better place and all of those people we were thinking about including yourself, happier. Thank you.