Congratulations! You’re building a business! Maybe you’re starting a brand new one —  something that you’ve thought about forever it seems like and now finally you’re able to start it. Fantastic!  You have dreams! You have hopes! And you’re working hard to make all of them come true.

What It Takes to Start a Business

Whether you’re starting a brand new business or reinventing a current one, it requires hard work, determination, vision, and more than anything else the willingness to move forward even though those voices around you and maybe even inside of you are saying you can’t do that.

The voices may be saying: It’s not going to work. Somebody else already tried that. Can you really afford it? You need to know more first. That’s a dumb idea! And those voices go on and on and on and on.

Getting Over Business Fears

I know because I’ve had those voices in my head, too. It can be really hard to shut them down and move forward anyway. Just plugging away at all of the things I needed to do helped, but didn’t fully remove the doubts running around in my head.  Some days I felt like I had a gerbil on a wheel running continuously in my head.

We bless all kinds of things as human beings. And so the idea of blessing my business popped in my head one day and that was one voice that I knew was really important for me to listen to. And so I did.

Benefits of Blessing Your Business

azalea-1294743_1920Through the guidance of Spirit, I felt called to perform a ceremony to bless my business. I wanted to welcome in all of the good things that I was hoping for and to let go of all of those voices in my head and the blocks and whatever else it was that was getting in my way of fully and joyfully moving forward with everything that I wanted to do.

Since doing the Business Blessing ceremony, I have been flooded with ideas for things to do to help build my business and create everything that I’ve ever wanted to create. Finding what I need and making decisions has become easy and fun.  Others have had similar experiences including a friend who let go of her fear of public speaking and has since received requests for her services.

Receiving Guidance from Spirit in Your Business

This Business Blessing ceremony can help you open to receive that same help and connection to Spirit that we have been blessed to receive. Receive the wisdom, innovation and creativity that Spirit can give you. Utilize these connections and your intuition to fully manifest all of your hopes and dreams for your business and for yourself too.


Bless your business! Bless yourself! Join with Spirit to release blocks and welcome in all of your hopes and dreams. Do it now today and give yourself the peace of mind and the joy of having that deeper connection to your intuition and to knowing what the next step is. Know that you can create innovative solutions to anything that comes up. Know that the Universe is with you and all you have to do is let go of the past and welcome in the new and it will be there for you! So do it now today.

I can tell you the deep peace of mind and the joy and the happiness that you feel moving forward anyway and knowing deep inside that this is going to work — those feelings — you deserve them!

Yes, you can have them! You can have that connection to your dreams that turns your intuition on and allows you to really believe in everything you’re doing.

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