Concluded & Live Online

Dare to Dream

Experience the JOY in finding out what your heart really wants AND how to manifest it!

Course description

You will

learn what your heart truly wants

meet your team

Meet your Dare to Dream divine guidance team!


release limiting beliefs and fears

set action steps and dates

Work with divine to develop action steps and dates!

know you are worthy


connect deeply

Connect deeply with your heart and intuition.

This course includes

8 live Zoom sessions

Zoom classes every Wednesday for eight weeks

8 recorded guided meditations

The guided meditations are designed to connect you with your heart, your spirit and divine guidance.


exercises and tools

Additional materials related to creating sacred space, connecting with divine and understanding your special way of receiving guidance and healing from divine.


8 live Q&A sessions

Facebook Live chats where I will address questions


Pose questions, ask advice, receive support and share discoveries from your weekly assignments.

3 free supporting guided meditations

These meditations are designed to help enhance your ability to journey to and connect with your spirit guides and angels.

The Dare To Dream experience

Each class will include guided imagery sessions and other techniques to help you connect easily with your heart, intuition and divine.

Module 1: Learn what your heart truly wants

Learn how to connect deeply to find out what your heart truly wants and then how to start making it happen.

Module 2: Meet your team

Connect even more deeply with your heart. Meet the angels and divine spirit guides who will help you plan the steps and timing to manifest your dream!

Module 3: Release limiting beliefs and fears

Learn to connect easily with your divine guidance team. Let them help you learn how to recognize and heal limiting beliefs, doubts and fears. Know you are worthy!

Module 4: Connect with divine

Learn additional ways to easily connect with your heart and your Divine guidance team as you start putting dates with your dreams.

Module 5: Set action steps and dates

Practice connecting directly with divine to develop action steps and right timing that will allow you to create your dream with dates!

Module 6: Know you are worthy

Know that you are worthy! You have everything it takes inside of you to manifest your dream!

Module 7: Connect more deeply

Learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition, your heart and your spirit. Know you are worthy! Your heart knows the way. Allow your spirit to always be in charge!

Module 8: Celebrate steps

Discuss timing and action plans with your heart and your divine guidance team. Continue releasing fears and happily celebrating each step forward toward manifesting your dreams!


I appreciate your kindness and sweet gentle nature with a hint of silliness. Allowing me to feel what I’m feeling. The meditation was so calming and brought me to a place of total acceptance. And a sense of being fully supported.

Phoebe Fazio

yoga teacher and performer of transformational Sound Washing®

Working with Margie really expanded my awareness of personal guides and opened me to a more effective way of working with them. Her technique is very gentle and respectful, and she created a really safe space for me to explore and process. Since working with her, I have been able to receive much clearer guidance about my business and this has helped me be more productive and increase my income.

Karen D. Crane

owner, Marketing Magic and Karen Crane Jewelry Designs

Expert Instructor

Meet your guide

Margaret Z. Taylor

Margaret Z. Taylor

Psychic medium, intuitive energy and sound healer, oracle card and akashic record reader and intuitive painter

I love utilizing a combination of energy healing techniques to help clients allow and receive the healing and guidance from divine they are seeking.  My extensive training and experience in shamanic healing techniques, reiki, crystal reiki and vibrational sound therapy make it easy for me to utilize an energy healing modality that best meets the needs of individuals, couples and groups.

Divine works in such miraculous ways! I have always thought it amazing and such a blessing that clients don’t have to tell me what happened to them—they don’t have to re-live events in order to receive healing from divine that is always loving and peaceful.

I have always loved encouraging and helping others to find ways to follow their dreams. 

Anytime, anywhere online access to the course materials. You will have one-year access to the materials and to community support.