Performing ceremonies or meditations to help achieve a specific goal can be fun and effective.

Knowing ahead of time what you need to do to be prepared for the ceremony can help you maximize the effectiveness of the ceremony and your intended result.

Choosing an appropriate place for your ceremony or meditation is very important. Do what feels right for you. Sometimes I need the quietest room in my house. Other times, I need to sit outside on the deck in spite of the traffic noises and the birds singing.20160522_201304

Whether you are performing a ceremony for yourself or with a group, eliminating distractions is very important. So, turn off cell phones and all those reminder sounds. Make sure you are in a place and time that allows you to have all of the quiet, uninterrupted time you need for the ceremony.

Creating Sacred Space to perform your ceremony is very important because the actions get you and the space you have chosen ready for the ceremony. Creating Sacred Space doesn’t have to be a long and involved process. This space can become Sacred Space simply by asking Divine Spirit or the Divine Archangels or your Guardian angels and spirit guides of highest light and love to be there while you perform the ceremony. Ask them to set sacred space and to protect and guide you during the ceremony. Also, ask them to help you maximize the benefit of the ceremony.


There are many different ways of creating Sacred Space. Some can involve burning sage or incense or utilizing an essential oil in order to clear the space of unhealthy energies and to welcome Divine Spirit. Whatever your ritual is don’t get hung up in a big long process. Keep it simple. If you forget to burn sage or incense it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is your connection to Divine Spirit. Having that connection to Divine Spirit and to your Guides of light and love is all you really need. Welcome those connections, and you will enjoy the benefits of a successful ceremony.