YOU Have a Blessings Pool!

Did you know you have your own personal blessings pool?

You do! It’s a pool that is just for you!  It is beautiful and it’s healing. It is a place you should visit often.


It’s also the perfect way to help integrate healing and messages from Spirit.  If you’ve had healing work done, use the blessings pool throughout your days as a way to help continue the benefit and integration of the healing.

mountains-1488440_1920This wonderful little blessings pool is just one more gift from Spirit to help all of us as we go through our lives.  It’s a great place to visit before a presentation or before having to handle something that can be difficult or confrontational.  It’s a great place to visit when we have a headache or we just don’t feel good.  

Give Yourself Inspired Sleep!

The Blessing Pool is always a great place to visit right before we go to bed to let go of all of the energies of the day.  We are free to ask and receive the peacefulness and inspiration that will give us good sleep and a creative start for the next day.

Challenge Yourself!


My challenge for myself is to visit my blessings pool everyday at least once — if not many times. I challenge you to do the same and embrace the positive changes you can bring to your life!

No excuses!!  A 3 second quick dip in the blessings pool is a great way to center yourself for whatever it is you need to do right then.  Take a longer swim in the evening to gift you with a restful sleep at night. 5 minutes in the morning as you get ready for your day can gift you with insight and serenity for what you would like to accomplish that day.

Take It With You Everywhere!

waves-circles-64168_1280You don’t need to listen to this recording every time you want to visit your blessings pool because after you’ve gone once, you always know where it is!   You know how to get there and you know the beautiful feelings it gives you!  All you need to do is think about your blessings pool and you’ll be there.

Visit your pool a lot!  And let us know:  

What does Your pool look like?