Loss Recovery is Weird and Empowering

Recovering from loss is weird. Why? Because the reminders pop up when you least expect them, the tears come from the strangest things and all this can and does happen even years after you thought you were done processing the emotions from that particular event.

Recovering from loss can be empowering if you let it be. How? By remembering the good things. By finding the silver linings. By looking for and owning everything you gained from that experience.  Most of all, by actively seeking your healing and recovery.

In addition to meeting your own special loss recovery team, learn easy, fun and empowering ways to heal and release some of those energies of loss.

I hope you found your own special loss recovery place during the meditation last week.  In this guided meditation get ready to meet your personal divine loss recovery team. Who will come forward to help you find the healing methods best for you?

Put your loss recovery place and your Divine team together and let the healing begin!

If you can’t make it to the live show, the replay will be made available after. Be sure to sign up for reminders here: https://gatewaystowisdom.com/show