I hope you’ve been enjoying the different Gateways to Wisdom that I’ve been sharing with you on my new web show. 
This is episode 4 and I’m so happy to finally have made this goal, of sharing my knowledge with you, come true.
In the meditations in the last two shows, you’ve found your very own healing place and met your personal loss recovery team of Divine angels and spirit guides.  
If you haven’t had a chance to experience those meditations, I invite you to watch episodes 2 and 3 to receive your healing place and Divine team. 
Having access to all of this wonderful support from Divine is the first step to healing. There is nothing like the peaceful serenity you can feel from letting go of the heavy energies of loss.
Sometimes, believe it or not, recovering from loss can be even easier. 
And maybe even a little surprising–but in the best kind of way–when you receive the support, help and healing from those you would have never expected. 
In this episode, Show Episode #4 – Expand your loss recovery team!
I introduce you to the elements, directions, ancestors and relatives.  Find out how these compassionate, loving spirits can help heal and inspire you.  
Want to know who has been waiting to love, help and support you? 
The guided meditation I planned for you will help answer this question.  It’s designed to help you meet and receive the loving help, support and healing from these unique and wonderful spirits.
It can be the best thing ever to know and experience just how big, loving and inspirational your Divine guidance team is.
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