Show Episode #5 — Heart Healing and Family Relationships

Heart Healing.  It’s seems complicated – especially when you add in family relationships.  And yet, some of the things we allow to wound our hearts are unnecessary.  These are some simple things to remember and consider as you navigate the many kinds of relationships in your life.

Remember to look into the other person’s heart (take egos out of this) and ask if what you think you are hearing is what their heart would say.  If not, ask for clarification. This simple action can prevent a lot of misunderstandings and heart ache – keeping your heart and your relationship happier.

If you are upset with someone, take a step back and ask how much of this anger is you projecting your own fears and judgements about yourself on to the other person.  Recognizing your own fears allows you to open up to receiving healing and to let go of anger, creating the opportunity for healthier relationships.

Wanting and trying to control the actions and lives of others only brings anger and frustration into the relationship. Loving yourself where you are at each moment of your journey helps you see others with the eyes of your heart.  Wishing them well in their journey is so freeing and can create so much peacefulness for you and within the relationship.

I love you and you love me. We both want good things for each other. There is no conflict in that.  This can make it a lot easier to let go of anger and frustration and the desire to control the actions of a family member.   

Allow the Spirit guided meditation to help heal your heart and move you to a more peaceful loving place in your relationship with yourself and others.  Learn how to use heart energy to heal yourself and to pour the wonderful energy of love into every part of your life.

I hope these tips and the healing from Divine help you heal your heart. Always know I am happy to help in any way I can.