Show Episode #6 — Take the Stress Out of Events

Special occasions and holidays can mean a lot of extra work planning, shopping, cooking and ….. All this combined with the different personalities of family and friends makes it’s easy to understand why so many of us feel stressed, anxious and even emotionally triggered by special events and everything they involve.

Luckily, letting go of the stress can be as simple and easy as using a little intention, action and imagination. Follow the link below to find out how.

Releasing emotional triggers is more complicated because the causes are unique to the people involved, and we tend to blame the other person for our feelings. We’re angry and hurt because of things they said and / or did.

1. When you are at an event and someone triggers you, have an escape route to another room where you can use a quick energy reset to calm and center yourself.

Staying angry at someone is giving your power to them. Call your power back to you (literally) and hold onto the feeling of empowerment that gives you.

2. Think about what triggered you and where it came from inside of you. Triggering tells us there is something energetic in us that is ready for healing.

3. Do the internal work to understand, release and heal the root cause. It is within you.

4. Always keep yourself safe. Sometimes stepping into your power is choosing to not attend an event no matter what others might think.

The best ways to handle being triggered are as individual as you are. If you need help finding your best solutions, work with someone who resonates with you.

Try out the quick energy reset tips and free healing meditation included in my Gateways to Wisdom episode 6 and take the stress out of your events!