Salaam (Farsi for Hello) Bearers of Light:

The February Full Moon blesses us with her beauty on Friday, the 10th, at 6:33 p..m., CST.   This Full Moon will be in the astrological sign of Leo and closely followed by a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, at 6:45 p.m., CST.  A Penumbral  Lunar Eclipse is the least dramatic of the Lunar Eclipses, occurring when the Moon passes through the edge of the Earth’s shadow, creating a less pronounced effect.  Eclipses increase the power of a Full Moon.

Our Intention for this Full Moon is simple, but not easy.  It addresses fear, worry and TRUST.  The first two — fear and worry — are some of the most prevalent emotions inundating our Planet at this time.  For understandable  reasons, they are maintaining a stranglehold across the Globe.  With so much unrest, uncertainty, upheaval, and change as we continue  moving forward into uncharted territory, these energies of fear and anger are flourishing.  Yet they are also a part of the old way of doing things, part of a way of life that we will be leaving behind, where anger and fear frequently formed the rationale for rash and/or aggressive behavior.  The Guides want us to focus on the release of them both:  “It serves no one”, they said.  In its place, they asked that we hold and send the Intention to TRUST, just as they told us to do for the New Moon two weeks ago.  “All is on track, all is in right timing:  TRUST”.  Three words for this Intention — simple, but by no means easy. 

Tomorrow, please join with me in Ceremony.  As always, light your candle and set your Sacred Space.  Clear your mind, and let your ego fall away.  Allow yourself to become a “hollow bone”, enabling Spirit to work through you, unencumbered.  Create your container for this Sacred work, acknowledging the Directions:  East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within.  Invite your ever-present and ever-willing-to-help Compassionate Helping Beings.  They Love us and wish for us to succeed on this Planet:  the Trees, the Animals, the Mountains, the wonderful Elements, the Rocks and Crystals, the Gods and Goddesses, the Ascended Masters, the Hidden Folk who always enjoy Ceremonies, the Insects, the Birds, the Reptiles, the Holy Ancient Ones.  There is always room for whomever wishes to be present.  Build your energy with singing, dancing, rattling, drumming, toning, chanting — moving and using your body and voice in whatever way beckons you.  Feel our Intention for this Full Moon finding its way into your miraculous Heart, the organ so essential to this work.  Ask for there to be a release of fear.  Ask for there to be a release of anger.  Ask that this release be a Worldwide phenomenon.  For a short while, maybe a few minutes or so, imagine through your senses a World devoid of these two energies, a World that holds in their place, TRUST.  As the power of our Intention magnifies and intensifies, allow yourself to KNOW and TRUST that our New World is, indeed, coming.  Then, as you are ready, let our Intention cascade from the depths of your Heart to each and every Being and place upon our Dearest Mother Earth.

We have had what many view as a difficult past three weeks in the United States, as well as in many parts of the World.  There is widespread concern that we are moving backward when we need to be moving forward, that much of the progress that was made in areas such as gaining equal rights for all, making strides toward cleaner energy sources, countries coming together for the purpose of addressing issues like climate change, etc., is, or is close to, falling by the wayside.  The air is thick with contention and obstinateness.

Faith and Trust are closely related.  In the dictionary, “faith” is given as a synonym for “trust”.  With that in mind, I share the following quote by Rabindranath Tagore — an Indian poet, author, composer, Internationalist, and Lover of Nature:

                                            Faith is the bird that feels the Light

And sings while the dawn is still dark.

Continue to “sing”, continue to “feel the Light”, continue to be of the Light.  It is what our wondrous World needs, now and for the future.  We are moving forward, even when it seems as though we are stationary, or even retrograding.  And, when our Light is shining, it is far easier to see the path ahead.

Much Peace and Many Blessings,