Healing and Guidance With Divine

I love seeing the change in my client’s face and feeling the change in their energy after an intuitive sound and energy healing session. 

Intuitive energy healing can make it possible for you to release the old heavy energies and welcome in a whole new level of well being that you may have thought was impossible to experience. 

Divine knows what you have been through, so there is no need to relive traumatic events in order to receive loving, peaceful healing that can fill you with serenity and open doors you thought would never open for you.

Whether your session includes energy healing, mediumship, Vibrational Sound Therapy, a visit your Akashic Records or a card reading, trust that Divine is coordinating it all for your greatest good.

Individuals, couples and groups can easily receive what they seek from Spirit.

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I have found her guidance helpful and transformative. One session in particular was very direct and told really deep truths about what was best for me. I have had a complex life and her guidance and ability to help me connect with spirit has been extremely helpful. 

Elle Fitz

I have been doing a lot of spiritual work for myself for many years, but I feel like every time I work with you, I discover something new. In the sound therapy session to release my back pain, I was also introduced to a new angel/guide that I had never met before, and that was really cool. It’s a month later and my back and shoulder pain are still gone.

Alicia Andry

Having had spinal surgery, I had anxieties about returning to my very active job. Since the ceremony, I have noticed more peacefulness in my heart about my health in general and about returning to work. Several ideas have come to me about how to approach my job, and I feel more energy and optimism. I believe that Margaret has a spiritual gift, and I was affected deeply by our ceremony.

Sunny Johnson

Music Teacher