Do you know how to make the effects of a ceremony long-lasting?

It is really important following a ceremony to utilize and follow any guidance that you have received from Divine Spirit and your Guides during the ceremony. This will allow you to maximize the benefit of what you have learned going forward and to integrate the healing and the lessons received from the Ceremony.

I know this sounds complicated, but integration techniques don’t have to be complicated at all. They can be very simple. My experience has been that the most important integration technique by far is to actually follow through and DO.

Do whatever it is you have been guided to do. Follow through and create that web page or send an email or follow up with that client or change how you talk to yourself or do your follow up meditations. Do the journaling or take the class. Follow through and complete the guidance that has been given to you.

If you are finding the Doing is difficult, additional support can be critical. I offer Intuitive Coaching which can help you because I provide ongoing and personalized support by bringing you more detailed information from your guides which can help clarify the actions you need to take.

The act of Doing brings the guidance from Spirit into the physical world, adds energy to it and can strengthen the manifestation of your intention for the ceremony. Doing tells Divine Spirit and your guides that you are serious about accomplishing whatever it takes to manifest your Dreams.


Be sure to ask for clarification if you need any help understanding the wisdom shared with you from Spirit.

What did Spirit guide you to do?  Have you done it?