From my beautiful friend Ann:

Her message from Spirit about the Full Moon and Summer Solstice and intentions to help heal the Earth.

Greetings most Luminous Beings,

The Full Moon graces us this Monday, June 20th, at 6:02 a.m, CDT. It will be the second consecutive Full Moon in the same astrological sign, Sagittarius, a rare occurrence. The Summer Solstice also falls on the 20th, at 5:34 p.m., CDT. This, too, is a rare event. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Monday is just the eighth time since 1796 that both the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice have happened on the same day. As Monika Carless so beautifully observes, on the website, “Elephant Journal”, we will be “bathed in light” on this day, “from our two most powerful sources of planetary influence — the sun and moon.”

Our Intention for this Full Moon has a familiar ring to it. It focuses on the very human need to control and dominate, behaviors often rooted in fear, and a direct result of the shroud of separation that engulfs so much of our Planet. This all creates a barrier to our ability to Coexist on this Earth — with the Environment, with each other and with all of the Beings with whom we share this most precious Home. It is time to take off the “blinders”, for all of us humans to open our eyes, open our Hearts, and Remember the Divinity within, a Divinity that exists in All who inhabit this Earth.

On Monday, please join with me in Ceremony. Light your candle and create a Sacred Space for your work. Invite our ever-supportive Compassionate Helping Spirits, the Directions, the Angels, the Archangels, QuanYin, Mother Mary, the Trees, the Plants, the Elements, the Hidden Folk, the Animals, the Sealife, our Intergalactic Allies. We have so many Beings wanting to help us find our way to Peace, Love, and Balance. Pick up your drum, rattle, bells, whistle. Sing, chant, dance. Move in whatever way feels right for you. Build your energy, and let go of your everyday responsibilities. Be present. Be in the moment. Feel your own Heart beating, as it begins to match the Heartbeat of our dearest Mother Earth, as well as the Heartbeats of all who inhabit this Planet along side us. Hold our Intention within every cell of your Being and most especially within your Heart. On this powerful Full Moon, ask that we humans release our fear, that we release our need to control and dominate, that we release the separation we, ourselves, have created. Ask that we release our blindness to the reality of the Divinity within each Being, that we release our blindness to the reality that we truly are All connected, that each and every thought, each and every word, each and every feeling, each and every action affects the Whole, of which we are a part. When you feel ready, when you feel that your Heart is so full it may actually burst, release our Intention. Allow it to “bathe” our wondrous Planet, just as our bodies and souls will be “bathed in light” on this extraordinary day of the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice.

We are in trying times, yet we are never given more than we can handle. There is no going backward, only ahead. It seems fitting that after the darkness of this past week, we have the year’s longest day of Light, followed by a luminous Full Moon that extends that Light by, itself, shining brightly throughout the night. The Guides’ message for this Solstice is: “Let the New Dawn Come. Usher it in.” It is as though the abundance of Light on this special day will help us to do just that.

Blessings and Love to All,