Call Your Power Back Now!

Do not despair light workers of the world! This additional challenge presented is a call to you to truly and fully step into your power. Call of your power back now! Let your Light and your Love shine truly! Look for the light in everyone whether or not you agree with their opinion about something, whether or not you agree with what they do.

spring-276014_1920Look for the light. Acknowledge that light. Send love to that light. Help it grow. Help all of the light in this world grow and become more.  Ask your guardian angels and spirit guides of highest light and love for help.  They love you and will always be there for you.

Love Yourself!

This may sound like a huge challenge. It’s actually really easy. It starts with yourself – loving yourself. Looking at yourself in the mirror everyday and telling yourself “I love you” from your heart. Then send love to all of your family. Send love to your friends. Wish good things for everyone.  If you don’t feel you can send love as love, send good wishes. Send it knowing that you would never wish harm to anyone no matter what you think of their beliefs or how they treat others.

The World is Full of Light!

There are a lot of bright spots in this world. Beautiful spirits of light and love and yes, there’s a lot of darkness and fear around. It’s easy to shine your light brighter. Lightness and love are always stronger than darkness and fear. Always believe that! Call your power to you Now! Always keep it clear of negative energy of every kind. When you’re feeling down come up with your own simple ways to fill yourself with strength, with love.

forest-56930_1280Picture yourself standing in sunlight and having it fill you up. Or picture water washing away those negative thoughts and energies. Let the wind blow the dust away.  Feel Mother Earth wrap you in her love. These simple things can take five seconds or less. Keep Your Home clear of negative energies. Do whatever it takes whether it’s having selenite everywhere or asking for your angels and your guides to keep your home full of light and love. Those are simple things that don’t take time. Sending out love with a smile to a stranger is an easy way to start a ripple of love and positive energy! Focus on the good things! Believe they can happen and start creating the world you want to see – a world where everyone has enough food to eat. A world where everyone sees the ways they are alike and enjoy the differences. A world where everyone has a safe place to live, to sleep at night. A world where everyone has access to medical care. A world where everyone is allowed to believe in their dreams. A world full of light and love!

Believe and Do!

This IS going to happen! BELIEVE in it! Make it true! Be the light in the dark and keep making it bigger and bigger! All of that beautiful light! Until your light touches that other lightworkers light and then the next one and then the next one so that soon that’s all there is — light and love.

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