There’s so much energy shifting and swirling around the world today some of it great and some of it not so great. In this time of the full moon along with the lunar eclipse and the moon moving into Leo it is really important to focus on what you want to see in your own life.  

What is it you want to manifest?

This is a great time for you to get really clear about what you’re wanting to see in your own life and in your own self. So please take time today and over the next few days write down what you want to manifest into your life. Think about the good that you can create and the joy that you can bring into your own life! Remember that bringing joy and happiness means creating from your heart not from your head!  If your head is like most of us, it wants us to live in fear.  So when you think about what you want to manifest into you and your life ask yourself if what you are hearing is coming from a place of fear or of love and happiness.

Let love and joy light your life.

Let love and joy light your life.  When you live from your heart, you will be amazed at how fun and easy it is to manifest joyful abundance into your life.

What do you want your World to look like?

Please also take some time to think about what you want your world to look like.  And, more importantly — what do you want it to Feel like?  I want my world to feel friendly and welcoming and loving and healthy and forgiving and inspiring.  And I KNOW that I will see my World and live in my World — I KNOW it!

We All Hold The World In Our Hands

Always focus on what you Do want and the light and love you shine for all to see will allow all of us everywhere to live in a World full of joyful loving abundance.  Remember – even a heartfelt smile given to a stranger can change the world because the love from that smile flows out like a ripple in a pond and touches so many with it’s beautiful bright light!

I would love to hear about what you would like to manifest into your life!