There is so much wonderful energy right now from New Moon which is all about manifesting and building things that you want to see in your life. In addition to that we’ve had an eclipse and there’s other planetary alignments that I’ve been told are all designed to help us build and create everything we’re hoping to.

Ready to Live Outside of That Box?!

If you have an idea that you started working on and kind of stalled out or if you just have wisp of an idea or a dream somewhere in the back of your mind, now is the time to start thinking about it! Now is the time to ask for guidance about it! Now is the time to start really building on it! Start thinking outside the box!

Ride That Rollercoaster!

There is so much energy and love around to help you do this! Start living your dreams no matter what anybody says. Find the joy in the creating. Welcome the joy and the learning and the fun in growing and expanding and living from your heart!
Always remember – You Deserve the Blessings that living outside the box can bring you!
And please share your ideas with all of us! I am so looking forward to learning about all of your dreams! I would love to help you find your dream rollercoaster!