We know all of you want more love in your life. You want to always live from a place of joy and light in your heart and in every part of your being. We see how events on Earth right now can make it difficult to stay centered in heart –  meaning in love and light for everyone everywhere.

There’s all of the controversy going on surrounding political things and the wars and the Bakken pipeline, all of the debates about global warming and everything else, and if you tell yourself it’s difficult to stay positive and focused in love, then you make it so.

heart-583895_1920Send love and light to everyone. You are spiritual beings of light and love. You want good things for yourself.  Want good things for everyone too because that is how you bring them into your life as well. There is enough for everyone to live in abundance. There’s always enough love and joy everywhere and by wishing those well, even those that you see as your competition, even those that you might be envious of for whatever reason, you bring more light to your own life.  When you allow envy to dictate your actions you are removing light from your own world, from your own life and from your own heart. We know this is not what you want. Always acknowledge how you feel. Then let It Go! Send out love and light and wishes for every kind of positive abundance to everyone everywhere in this beautiful world of ours. Be part of the solution!

hands-956652_1920When we look at you we can see your true selves. We can see the spirit inside. We can see your soul. And it is glorious! Let everyone see that by sharing your love and your life and your joy at the good things that happen for others. Share that wish.  Welcome blessings to everyone, and while you’re doing that welcome blessings to yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world. Help it make it happen! Let your light shine bright!