We have a new moon tomorrow. I’ve always understood that New Moons are for setting intentions to empower ourselves and to welcome to us what we are seeking.
A lot of people are talking about all of the planets in motion during September and wondering how it will impact them personally and their goals and their hopes and their dreams.

This is the message both Luna’s gave me:

Luna moth is a symbol of connection to Spirit and a symbol of creativity. It’s a symbol of empowering yourself to connect with your own Divine spirit. I can’t think of a better intention in the time of a new moon than to ask Luna the goddess of the Moon and the Luna Moth as a beautiful spirit guide to combine their powers in your life. Combine and empower your connection to your own Divine spirit, to your creativity, to your intuition, and to Divine Spirit and to the Universe. To all of those filled with light and love.

The Luna’s can empower you to allow what you seek to come to you. Blessings to all of you in this wonderful 9th month of the 9th year!