Intuitive Paintings

They Fly

Flowers For Spring

Heaven's Gardner

Where The Buffalo Roam

Feeding The World

Your Adventure Awaits!

Winter's Magic


For You From Quan Yin

The Fairy's Tree

Gifts From The Ancestors

Goddess Pele


Come Play With Us

The Green Man

Inside Looking Out

Even a painting that seems straight forward has it’s own special messages just for you. Look for what is hidden in the background. Turn it sideways and upside down. Are you “seeing” the same things others are? What will tomorrow show you? Are you hearing your message?

Let the feelings, movement, energies, colors, connections with Divine, take you in directions you’ve always wanted to go.

Meet Your Guide

Margaret Z. Taylor

Margaret Z. Taylor

Shamanic and Intuitive Energy and Sound Healer, Psychic Medium, Oracle Card and Akashic Record Reader, Intuitive Painter

What a circuitous route I’ve taken to get to this place in my life! I am a painter. And I love painting!

I never saw this coming. I crossed words like artist and painter off my list when I was a teenager, believing my bliss was somewhere else.

Boy, was I wrong! And yet, here I am. I found my bliss and am having a wonderful time painting and sharing my creations.

 If you have questions about a painting or would like help locating your special bliss, please contact me.

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