A lot of crazy things are going on in our world today. We turn on the news at any time and there are stories of terrible things that people are doing to people. If the story isn’t about terrorism and war then it’s about other kinds of destruction. It can be really hard to have hope sometimes when all of this is going on and that’s all we hear about every day.

I refuse to let go of my hope! I absolutely refuse!

I know and all of you know, that the more we believe in good things happening, the more we create good things both, in our lives, and in the world around us.

So I challenge you to let go of your fear whether that’s through a ceremony or whatever way works for you. Let go of your fear! Heal your heart! Whether it’s related to events in the world or something personal to you. Heal your heart, let go of your fear and set yourself free.

Focus on filling your life with love! With laughter! With joy! Focus every day, as often as you can, on sending out love to the world. Send out love to family and friends. Send out love to your favorite tree or to your pet, if that resonates with you. Know that every time you send love you are creating more love in the world.

Change the balance of energy you create. Fill the world up with more and more love and see more and more positive changes and Innovations occur. See healing and respect and positive relationships emerge within our families, within our communities and within and between countries all over the world.

So hang onto your hope! Let go of your fears and let’s move on to creating a happier, more loving world for ourselves and for our families.

Give yourself the gift of:

  • Releasing Old Energy Connected to Past and Current Hurts
  • Receiving Healing Energy
  • Welcoming in Peace