Let it go! Let it all go!

Release your fears. Live with the freedom and the Peace of Mind in the peacefulness of your heart. You can do that today. You can do it now.

Let go of that anxiety, that frustration, that feeling of upset that comes from allowing your fear of not having enough, of not being enough, fear of being wrong, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being alone, fear of who-knows-what. Let all those fears go. Let them go now. Today.

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Living in Fear is Stressful

Being afraid, living in fear is stressful. We all have fears and we all live with the results of those fears, the effects on our heart, on our spirits, and on our physical bodies. Releasing those fears, release of the anxiety associated with them, allows your heart to believe again that dreaming and making dreams come true is possible.

Let your spirit know that you’re willing to take a chance to find out what will make your soul sing. Release those fears now. Enjoy the wonderful calmness and centeredness and peace that comes from letting go of fears, no matter what you do with your future.

My Fear Story

I grew up in a typical middle-income family. We all worked hard. We had a large garden. We had an orchard. I learned how to sew and I worked from the time I was 14 in order to put clothes on my back and save money for college. I knew that going to college was my ticket to financial stability. It was the only path I knew of to make the goal of financial security be mine.

So I worked hard at 3 jobs in college to pay my own way. My parents couldn’t afford to pay any of my college bills. Ever since then, until just recently, I had a full-time job and a paycheck coming in every two weeks. I worked with a lot of great people, and I learned a lot of things that were really beneficial. The work I did fed my body, but not my heart or my soul.

And every time something happened, whether through work or my personal life that made me feel less than, I had another tear in my confidence, another tear in my heart and more fear that kept me from making the changes I needed to make.

Opening Up to Letting Go

So when the Universe decided last year that that type of lifestyle was not in my best interest anymore, it created a lot of wonderful wonderful opportunities for me. These situations also created the opportunity and the need to face my fears about my financial stability and about a lot of other things.

Letting Spirit Show Me the Way

I discovered that the fears that I’ve been living with for decades had been multiplying like bunny rabbits and did not just suddenly leave me just because my work situation changed. Darn it all! So I had to figure out a way to set myself free from those fears.

I was struggling to let go of those fears. Reading books and saying prayers helped temporarily. They did not give me the deep release that I needed.

I kept looking for other ways and through Spirit, I was shown a simple ceremony that I could use to let go of my fears. This ceremony can help anyone.


Releasing Fear Ceremony

This ceremony can give you that deep knowing inside that what you’re looking for is right there for you. I can give you this ceremony.

Please, set yourself free! Give yourself the gift of finally being able to live from your heart and from your soul without fear getting in the way of you truly knowing who you are. Give yourself the gift of living in peace and harmony with yourself.

Facing these fears allowed me to change my direction. By facing them, I let my heart sing. It allowed me to have the kind of future that truly is what I’ve always been looking for, what I’ve always dreamed about. Creating my new life is giving me everything I need to fill my heart and fill my spirit.

You can release your fears today. You deserve it! So give yourself this gift now and start living.