My Services

Intuitive Energy Healing

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to welcome into your life? 

Everything is possible!


Are there those you have lost along the way and would like to connect with through Divine? Do you have questions about where to go from here? 

Feel the love of and connection with Divine as you ask for and receive. 

Meet Your Angels and Spirit Guides

Meeting my Divine spirit guides and guardian angels has been inspiring and life changing.

Come and meet yours!

Oracle Card and Akashic Record Readings

There is magic, healing and inspiration in learning from Divine.

Gain insight into who you are and the joyful things you can create in your life.

Heal Your Heart and Live Your Bliss

At the heart of everything I do and create is the goal of making it easy for you to connect with and receive healing, wisdom and guidance from Divine for your Spirit, your Heart and your physical self. Healing with Divine is always loving and peaceful.


My mouth, tongue and throat were covered in painful blisters for months.  Medical care did not help and my doctors did not know what caused it.

The energy healing worked. My mouth and throat completely cleared up!

Barbara Burns

I have been doing a lot of spiritual work for myself for many years, but I feel like every time I work with you, I discover something new. In the sound therapy session to release my back pain, I was also introduced to a new angel/guide that I had never met before, and that was really cool. It’s a month later and my back and shoulder pain are still gone.

Alicia Andry

Dave lost his mom as a teenager and always wondered how she was and what she thought about how he was living his life.

Dave was able to see his mom and his other family members. He felt blessed to see them happy, together in a group, and full of love for him. He was able to receive the answers to his questions through the words that I was given to say at the appropriate time, even though I could not hear what he was asking.
Dave R.