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Meeting in sacred space with those who have passed can be life changing. Receiving answers and information can help you release the heavy burdens of doubt, anger, and regret. Setting yourself free from those heavy old energies can be life changing.

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Benefits of mediumship

Life in this physical world seems at times to be full of loss. Connecting with those who have passed can be healing and freeing—especially when done through the loving guidance and wisdom of divine. Sacred space is the perfect place to feel the love of divine and of those who have passed and to receive answers and guidance and peace.

In a typical session

  • a Zoom link will be sent to you prior to our meeting,
  • it is important that you are in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed,
  • we will discuss your questions,
  • multiple modalities including shamanic journeying, card reading and mediumship may be used to provide wisdom from divine, and
  • you may be given follow-up recommendations that you can do on your own.

Having the opportunity to connect with those who have passed can give you insight and understanding. It can create an opening for compassion, forgiveness and love to heal deeply.

You are worthy of setting yourself free.

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What do you want to ask divine?
Do you want to ask about lost loved ones?
Your angels or spirit guides?
Your life purpose?
Health or finances?

Allow yourself to feel free, empowered and loved by divine.

Future dates are still to be determined.

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Dave had lost his mom when he was a teenager and had always wondered about her transition. He was curious about her feelings on his current life, especially his career.

The ceremony was beautiful. Divine spirit brought together the spirits of Dave, his mom, and some other family members who have passed. This was done at a blessing pool, a loving space in nature, and very peaceful.

Dave was able to see his mom and his other family members. He felt blessed to see them happy, together in a group, and full of love for him. He was able to receive the answers to his questions.

In addition, his mom came and spoke with Juli at the blessing pool. A treasured family dog who had passed on also showed up and loved on them both while they chatted. It was an amazing and peaceful experience. Dave received the gift of knowing how much his family still loves him and supports him and his entire immediate family in every way.

Juli, Dave’s wife

My ghost: Here is my story with my sister-in-law and releasing my ghost.

She took me in a quiet room and put me in a relaxed meditated state. In my mind she walked through a forest to a blessing pool with beautiful surroundings. When we got there, there were two spirits that showed up right away, one my guardian angel on the left of me and a horse on the right side. A man showed up and was angry that I was living in his house. He wanted me to leave.  He had tried to get me to leave by doing things at my house. In the last year the washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, air conditioner and garage door broke, some plumbing needed done, and my car was stolen. He said that he was the cause of those things to get me to leave. She told him that he couldn’t live in the house any more. He was dead and had to move on to the other side. His family was waiting for him and for him to not be afraid. It was silent for about five minutes and he asked for my forgiveness and left.

Deb Anderson

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You are worthy!

You are worthy of feeling good!

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