Shamanic and Energy Healing

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Are you seeking wisdom and guidance from divine for changes going on in your life? Wanting to know more about your life purpose? Are you seeking your own personal bliss and the path to create it in the physical?

Connect with Spirit. Be open to learning and growing hand in hand with divine. Allow you and your life to expand.

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Intuitive shamanic and energy healing

 Do you want to feel healthy? Peaceful? Really happy?

Free from unhappy burdens and events and the weight of loss?

Would you like to meet your guardian angels and spirit guides?

Set free from the unhealthy energies of past lives?

Would you like to experience the healing and forgiveness that can come from meeting with lost loved ones in sacred space? 

Allow the loving healing energies of divine to lift you up and empower your heart to guide you and your spirit to soar. 

Everything is possible when you are receiving in the loving care of divine.

For a typical session

  • a Zoom link will be sent to you prior to our meeting,
  • it is important that you are in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed throughout the entire session,
  • we will discuss your questions and concerns,
  • multiple modalities including shamanic journeying, card reading, mediumship and others may be used to provide healing and wisdom from divine,
  • we may do a guided imagery or shamanic journey during the session for you to receive healing and wisdom,
  • you may prefer to lie down during the guided imagery session so it is important that you plan for that ahead of our meeting, and
  • you may be given follow-up recommendations that you can do on your own.

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I sought help for healing of memories, healing of traumas related to family, and past rejections etc.  After the ceremony I found myself being very calm and able to sleep at night. I felt light weight and easy going.

Most of the tapes running through my head had stopped for a time. One kept coming back and I kept going to the blessing lake and that eased too.  I am sleeping at night and working during the day. 

Life just seems more easy going and free!  If you need to let go of the stress that comes from past trauma, I would definitely recommend Margaret’s services.

Marita B Hoffart

Professor emerita, nursing, Mino State University, Minot, ND

My mouth, tongue and throat were covered in blisters.  Medical care did not help — did not know what caused it.  After working with Margie my mouth and throat completely cleared up! I’m better! I don’t how it worked but it did!

Barbara B.

I’m really grateful for the healing ceremony I recently received from Margaret.  Having had spinal surgery, I had anxieties about returning to my very active job. Since the ceremony, I have noticed more peacefulness in my heart about my health in general and about returning to work. Several ideas have come to me about how to approach my job, and I feel more energy and optimism.

Sunny Johnson

Music teacher, California

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You are worthy!

You are worthy of feeling good!

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