Vibrational Sound Therapy

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Serenity meditation. Free download.

Relax and fall asleep.

Wake up refreshed and revitalized.

Truly. This is my goal for you during a vibrational sound therapy session.

Because that is where the healing happens.

Some benefits will be noticed immediately. Additional benefits may be received even days later.

Benefits of vibrational sound therapy

  • Supports pain relief
  • Promotes healing from every kind of injury—physical and emotional
  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Relieves arthritis pain and discomfort
  • Improves function of the neuro-vascular system
  • Helps balance function of the endocrine and all other internal bodily systems
  • Promotes better sleep and all the health benefits that come with improved rest

Learn more about the benefits of vibrational sound therapy from the Vibrational Sound Association.

In a typical session

  • we will discuss the purpose of the session and address any questions,
  • you will get comfortable—either laying on a massage table or sitting on a chair,
  • bowls will be placed on or around you, or on the floor near you, based on your individual situation,
  • bowls will be played and may be moved to different places on or around you during the session,
  • you will relax as completely as possible and maybe even fall asleep, and
  • you will receive deep relaxation and healing during the session.


“I’ve never felt better in my life, even though I’m receiving preventive care following breast cancer.” — B.H. in Iowa

“My chronic neck pain from sports injuries has disappeared.” — A.T. in Urbandale

“So peaceful and relaxing! What a wonderful way to let go of old emotional ‘baggage’ without having to relive the details!” — A.A. in Urbandale

“My migraine went away without the medicinal side effects.” — K.M. in Indianola

“My neck and shoulder pain from home remodeling was gone after one session.” — A.A. in Omaha

Schedule a session

Schedule your personal vibrational sound therapy session today and start immediately  enjoying the healing benefits for yourself.

I am between office spaces, so until I have new office space, sessions will largely be conducted online. Through the miracle of energy, vibrational sound therapy works just as well with an online session as it does in person.

Enjoy the relaxation and embrace your healing!


I went into the session with joint pain and high stress. Within ten minutes after starting, Margie had taken me away from my stressful life and moved me into a quiet and serene place. I can honestly say this therapy session lifted me out of my body, removed all stress and relieved pain in my joints. When I fully came back, my mind was clear and calm and my body felt energized and refreshed. Margaret Taylor truly has a gift and I will be making an appointment for another session soon!

Caralee Beck

She has vibration sound therapy where she had me lay on a table and she placed these heavy brass bowls on various parts of my body and hit them so the vibration went through my body, I could feel it shooting out my fingers and toes. This was very relaxing and I felt really good after. I felt stress free after I left her house and slept like a baby. I highly recommend her services. You will feel amazing, I know I did!

Deb Anderson

I have suffered from neck pain most of my adult life. Occasionally it will flare up to  a very high level of pain. I have had these escalated pain episodes about every five years with a nagging lesser pain in between.

About a month ago the neck pain escalated again to the point that I could not sleep and could not find a comfortable position to set in.  

Margie provided two vibrating bowl sessions and a healing journey and almost overnight the pain has stopped. Even the nagging lesser pain has subsided.

My neck is pain free and I can sleep comfortably for the first time since 1993. What a wonderful gift that she shares with us all.

Al Taylor

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