We all process information differently, especially when it comes to using our senses to help us understand things.

Think for a minute about the words you use to describe things. Do you connect more closely visually? Are you always picturing things in your head? Or is it more the sound of things that resonates with you more fully? Or maybe you notice how something feels.

beach-1204401_1280 (1)

For example: If we are talking about waves crashing onto a beach, I might “see” a picture of waves crashing on a beach. You might hear the sound the waves make as they hit the sand. Someone else might feel the power and the movement of the waves.

It is very important to know how you connect energetically to ideas, to Spirit and to your creative self. Understanding what words, feelings and ways of doing things that resonate with you more deeply can help you understand and heal and accomplish and manifest whatever it is you are wanting to do in your life. As you move forward having an idea of what resonates with you will help you create techniques and utilize tools that enhance your connection to Spirit and to your guides.


Don’t stress about it. Your heart knows what resonates with you and you will gravitate to that. Within the ceremonies you will hear in your heart the words and you will create in your imagination the feelings or the pictures or the energies that you need in order to fully understand and manifest the ceremony.