“Sunshine On My Shoulders”

“Sunshine On My Shoulders”  Thank you John Denver and friends for writing this beautiful little song!  I love to take his words literally and welcome sunshine onto my shoulders and everywhere outside and inside.  Sunlight for me is so peaceful and healing.

Want to let go of stress and anxiety?

There is so much talk in the media about the health benefits of reducing stress and anxiety in our daily life.  Working in the corporate world, families, friends, activities, the long list of daily “to dos” can make it seem impossible to add one more thing — even if that one thing can help you feel good every day.

This is so Easy and Fast!

Would you do it if it only took a few seconds anywhere to change your energy and change your well being?  I sure hope so!

Here’s How

Imagine sitting in the sun.  Feel the warmth on your face and whole body. Let it soak into your body everywhere, warming you and relaxing you. See and feel all of that stress energy turning into sunlight and happy warmth and filling you up with peacefulness.




Sometimes I need to hear the words to understand and be able to try something new, so I created a short video for us both about allowing sunshine to make us happy.  I’m looking forward to seeing the well being radiating from all of you!

Share Your Tips!

What are your fast and easy tricks for letting go of stress and anxiety quickly, easily and where ever you are?  Please share!