From my dear friend Ann:

Hello Blessed Luminous Beings,

This month’s Full Moon occurs on Tuesday, July 19th, at 5:56 p.m., CDT.  It will be in the astrological sign of Capricorn.  

Our Intention for this Full Moon involves releasing fear and control, lower frequencies that can block Light that our Planet so sorely needs.  In addition, we were visited by some of our big Raptor Allies, first Hawk, then Eagle and last, but not least, Condor.  Their message:  “Read the Condor and the Eagle — heed the prophecy.  Ask that humans release the separation, domination, arrogance — to come together for the goodness of the Earth.  She is Mother to all.  You who are listening are our last hope.”  


This prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle tells of the division of human societies into separate paths, that of the Condor and that of the Eagle, ultimately resulting in a drastic imbalance of the masculine and the feminine.  It predicts the dominance of the masculine, of the mind and of industrialization — the Eagle — saying this 500-year era would begin in the 1490s.  During this time the feminine, the intuition, the heart — the Condor — would essentially be forced underground, while at the same time, many injustices and transgressions were dealt to the indigenous cultures, threatening their very existence.  The prophecy says that in the 1990s, a new era would dawn, where the “potential” would exist for the Condor and the Eagle to re-unite, to give birth to a higher state of consciousness among humanity.  In the words of John Perkins, “If the condor and the eagle accept this opportunity, they will create a most remarkable offspring…”.  


On Tuesday, with this age-old prophecy in the forefront of your Heart and mind, please join me in glorious Ceremony.  Light your candle, and set your Sacred Space.  Invite the multitude of Compassionate, Helping Spirits who are with us in abundance, who want us to not only survive, but thrive on this precious Planet.  Acknowledge the Directions, the Angelic Beings, the Ancestors, the Birds, the Animals, the Sea Life, the Trees, the Holy Ancient Ones, the Stones and Crystals, the Benevolent Star Beings — from here and throughout our Galaxies.  Ask for their assistance, their Wisdom, their Love.  Build your energy — drum, rattle, chant, sing, dance, whistle, whatever you do, do so with gusto.  

Hold our Intention, letting it permeate every cell of your Being, particularly those that dwell within your Heart Space. Take a moment to envision the extraordinary New World that all of us on this Planet are co-creating.  See, smell, taste, touch, hear all of the aspects of its unspeakable beauty.  Ask that on this Capricorn Full Moon we take a giant step toward the realization of that World, that there be a momentous release on our Planet — a letting go of fear, control, separation, domination, arrogance, helping to pave the way for the Condor and the Eagle to come back to one another, to once again fly together, to once again share the same sky.

Amid the turbulence and tragedy that has befallen our Earth Home in these past several weeks, it is so important that we all strive to maintain our inner Balance, that we remember to do those practices that keep us centered, and in the Light.  As we walk our Spiritual Paths in these human bodies, current events can sometimes trigger shadow issues.  Should this happen, it is just as important to allow for the time and energy needed to look at these parts of ourselves, to listen to them, understand them, embrace them, and then reweave them into a newer, Lighter form of our Being.  

qualities-954789_1920 (1)

We are not here by accident.  We are here by design.  Stay strong.  Stay in the Light.  Our Beloved Mother Earth, as well as our vast Universe, holds us in Loving arms.  In the words of Susann Taylor Shier, “All is well, unconquerable life prevails.”

With Blessings, Peace and Love,