So you’ve chosen to perform a ceremony to help you manifest a change in your life.  You want to maximize the benefit you will receive.  Will a talisman help you accomplish this?

The purpose of having a talisman as part of a ceremony is to strengthen the connection between you, Divine Spirit, your spirit guides and the intent or purpose of your ceremony.  A talisman can help you create that energetic bridge to Divine Spirit.


For the Bless Your Business ceremony, a talisman might include looking at a photo of your business logo, having a physical product with you, or having your website open on your computer.


For any ceremony, a talisman may mean having a physical object such as a necklace, a rock, a painting or a statute of some kind with you.


Anything that has meaning for you, helps you focus into the intent of the ceremony and strengthens your heart connection with Divine Spirit can be used as a talisman.

There are no right or wrong answers here. The right answer for you may mean not using a talisman at all. Through Spirit, I have completed successful ceremonies for myself and for others both with and without using a talisman.
If you are choosing a package of ceremonies, utilizing the same talisman for each ceremony may increase the synergy between the ceremonies and your intentions for each.
Do what feels right for you and welcome your connection to Divine Spirit and your guides of light and love.
What talisman did you choose?