You are worthy!

Do you believe deep inside that you are worthy of receiving all those dreams you hold in your heart?

I didn’t. Not until very recently. I used to listen to all those voices telling me I wasn’t …., I wasn’t …., I wasn’t ….

The voices around me were bad enough (TV, school, work) – my own voice was even worse. Because I compared anything and everything about me, everything I did, everything I was to others – I choose (I didn’t realize this then) to believe I was not enough. There is always someone else who appears to be better at this or that so comparing myself (judging myself) made it easy to believe the lie. The lie that said I am not worthy.

Now I know better. I KNOW I am worthy.

I am worthy of receiving love, healing and guidance from Divine. I am worthy of happiness and abundance. It took choosing to ask for, allow and receive healing from Divine to finally, deep inside and everywhere else, to truly believe I am worthy of receiving everything my heart wants for me.
Life is meant to be filled with joy and love and the wonder of building and creating dreams that make our hearts sing. 

You are worthy too! If you have any doubts about that, somewhere deep inside, I hope you will choose to believe and receive from Divine! Let the meditation included here help you start believing too.

You ARE Worthy!