A friend referred Juli and Dave to me. Juli’s been involved in the spirituality community for a long time and understood the kind of work I do. Also the possibility that it could create peace of mind for her husband Dave. He had lost his mom when he was a teenager and had always wondered about her transition. He was curious about her feelings on his current life, especially his career.

We arranged to do a ceremony and Juli came to hold space and be supportive for her husband. The ceremony was beautiful. I had the honor and blessing to be able to watch as Divine spirit brought together the spirits of Dave, his mom, and some other family members who have passed. This was done at a blessing pool, a loving space in nature, and very peaceful.

Dave was able to see his mom and his other family members. He felt blessed to see them happy, together in a group, and full of love for him. He was able to receive the answers to his questions through the words that I was given to say at the appropriate time, even though I could not hear what he was asking.

In addition, his mom came and spoke with Juli at the blessing pool. A treasured family dog who had passed on also showed up and loved on them both while they chatted. It was an amazing and peaceful experience for all of us. Dave received the gift of knowing how much his family still loves him and supports him in every way. Now he knows how much they love and support his entire immediate family in every way.

What an enormous blessing it was for me to be part of that gift to Juli and Dave from Divine spirit! I am so grateful.